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Drone mapping is coming to a cemetary near you

The other day we at completed a project for a cemetary planning outfit in Ireland for land in AZ. I was surpried to hear what the data we were collecting would be used for, and so I want to share it with you.

Drone mapping can be a useful tool for mapping cemeteries, especially large and complex ones. With drone mapping, high-resolution aerial images of the cemetery can be captured quickly and accurately, allowing for detailed mapping and analysis.

Here are some of the ways drone mapping can be used for cemetery mapping:

  1. Plotting graves: Drone mapping can help to accurately plot the location of graves within a cemetery. The high-resolution images captured by the drone can be used to create an accurate map of the cemetery, including the locations of individual graves.

  2. Assessing condition: Drone mapping can also be used to assess the condition of the cemetery, including the condition of graves, headstones, and other features. This can be particularly useful for identifying areas that require maintenance or repair.

  3. Planning cemetery expansions: For cemeteries that are expanding or considering expansion, drone mapping can be used to create detailed maps of the existing cemetery, helping to identify areas that are suitable for expansion.

  4. Historical documentation: Drone mapping can also be used for historical documentation of cemeteries, creating detailed maps and images that can be used for research and preservation purposes.

When using drone mapping for cemetery mapping, it is important to ensure that all relevant regulations are followed, including obtaining necessary permits and permissions, respecting the privacy of families and mourners, and avoiding disturbing graves or other features of the cemetery. Please contact us for questions or service 760-906-1647 #dronemapping, #aerialmapping, #dronesurvey, #UAVmapping, #dronetopography, #dronescanning, #dronephotogrammetry, #UAVsurveying, #aerialsurveying, #dronedata, #geospatialdrone, #UAVgeospatial

Aerial photo of cemetary for planning and other purposes
Aerial shot of cemetary plots

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