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We now offer precise agricultural mapping service that combines high-quality imagery with accurate diagnostics about plant health and field structure. Drones are used to fly over fields, taking thousands of pictures to stitch together. From these pictures, infrared data and GPS information can be extracted, forming geographical maps that are more accurate than any satellite system in service today. These ultra-precise maps can be used to locate problem areas in fields, even before problems can be seen by the human eye. Using infrared pictures, it is possible to tell which crops are being over-watered or are not receiving enough fertilizer. This can save time and money in the long run. Instead of fertilizing the entire field more, we provide you with the exact area and GPS coordinates of poorly performing crops.​  
We use advanced technology to create 3D maps of your fields, which are then analyzed for plant health and elevation discrepancies. Capable of detecting height differences of less than an inch, our drones relay survey accurate geographical information about your fields.  
This new sefvice has been created with Southwest farmers in mind. Desert climates can be a major challenge to many farms, and water management can be a huge issue. Drones can prevent water waste by highlighting raised areas in fields that could be causing issues with water runoff. When looking at the field from the ground, or even from traditional aircraft, high-spots are not easy to see. The drone "pings" the ground using downward facing sensors to pull height data from the terrain, accurate to a couple of inches. This aids in flattening and rolling fields to provide optimal growth and water disbursement. Once planting season starts, scorching and water mismanagement is made apparent through Infrared spectrum analysis. Drones record infrared light emission from the crops and generate data about plant health. Utilizing this technology makes farming even more efficient and has potential to revolutionize water management in harsher climates.
                               Pro - $8.50 per acre
The Pro Package includes plant health analysis and your field's survey grade geographical data as well as three reports of your choice. These analyses allow you to see the data that means the most to you, with the presented data proven to be over 98% accurate. Find your expected harvest, detect weeds, or even count the amount of plants currently growing on your field by using our advanced AI.
Our service does not only provide the data needed to optimize your farm, we also help you understand how to implement the data we provide. Whether it is a phone call or email, we will provide personalized information on your fields marking problem areas so you don’t miss anything. We provide real time support to aid you in making the most out of our service.

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